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Default Re: Why they keep shooting?

Originally Posted by percast_kingman
Im starting at paintball and i have enter little tournamnets... and my Q. is why if a dude shoots you and he saw that was direct hit and the ref. is tellin me that im "dead" why they keep shooting?? One time someone shoted me in the head and a very short distance and i tell you that it relly hurts and leave me atonished, and the guy who shot me saw that i was grabbing my head in pain and he continued shooting at me... well, i think if a new player that whats to start at the sport and he/she sees that, i think it would be not a good presentation for the sport.. what do you think??
Not once did you mention you had called yourself "out" or raised your hands, or were walking off the field. You did not say the ref told the shooter to stop shooting because you were out. Until any of these happen, your fair game. Expect to be shot.
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