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Default Re: Why they keep shooting?

I do not normally bonus ball unless I'm provoked or see someone else taking advantage or intentionally overshooting another player that may not be able to stand up for themselves in such a situation. I understand people make mistakes and sometimes it just happens that a person may get a few balls extra when adrenalin is pumping. There is really no excuse for thinking it's a joke to intentionally bonus someone else IMO. I prolly shouldn't have layed into this guy as much as I did but maybe it left a bad taste in his mouth(NPI) before he might try this on someone else again. When on the field, I try to treat others as a reflection of the way they treat me -

On another note, when reffing at the World Cup in '04, I noticed most players there did very little of this bonus balling. I'd say 95% of the players there seemed to show very good sportsmanship amongst each other. There were a few babies throwing fits and such but didn't really see any overshooting at all like some in this thread portray tourneyball as being. If anything, the refs are the ones that take most of the extras in the back or wherever - didn't need to delete your post lol -
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