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Default Re: Kerry's statements

Obama after becoming Senator really hasn't done anything bad. He hasn't done anything good either. If you look at his history you can't see why he earned such an honor to qualify for presidency. He hasn't done much for my state. On his vacation he did visit and try and help out people in Africa. Sorry but I consider those photo moments and him gearing up for his run for president. On a good note after he became senator his wife got a 300% raise. Not bad if I do say so myself. Oh yeah he has been blessed by Oprah and we all know anything that Oprah likes catches on and becomes a hit. Look at all the publicity he is getting. I just want to know what he is all about and what changes he can make to this country and what qualifies him to be the next president. McCain is good. He would make a great candidate if he runs.
Romans 6:23
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