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Default Re: i was thinking about this..

I tried all the different springs(32* & Shocktech) including stock. Also tried different SRP locations and wide open/light spring worked best for my particuar setup. Doesn't mean it will be best for someone elses though. I took the whole valve apart, polished everything and used alcohol to clean it before reassembly. Used red loctite on the SRP and it has never come undone since. I have thus far used it in 2 different markers and worked great in both. They are a pain for some to set up and I really don't see why since mine wasn't that much a hastle to -

A great product but I would never purchase any other Maddman products again because if their lack of honest management. Nothing to do with the product itself but a very disappointing result from an order I made with them. I will not support such a company again no matter how good their products are -
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