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Default Feedback rules...

Feedback Rules. Please follow for keeping this section clean.

Like many forums on the net, there is a section for offering real time testimonial on how the trade/purchase/selling on these boards has gone with fellow members. We thought we would add this for the members here on Kingman. You could essentially use this for other forums when wanting to shop around.

- Creating
When posting, please have the subject simple. Such as "OtterSC Feedback". This will help greatly with the search engine here. When searching, you can type in the members name. Anything else like "Feedback" will more than likely have you lost.

- Leaving Feedback
After you have made your post, others will be free to respond to your post and leave feedback. When leaving feedback, be precise as to what transaction was done. If money is involved, do not put the amount used in the transaction. Only items that were exchanged. If a trade/purchase has gone bad, see below in What not to leave.

For instance, say you purchased something and all went well, leave feedback for the person "Fast shipping, great communication. Purchased '04 Smart Parts Shocker". If trading, similar can be posted. Could even say "Fast payment"

- What Not To Leave
Do not use this section for communication with members. This will only clutter up the boards. PM's have been enabled for that very thing.

Do not leave hasty bad feedback. Please try the best that you can to rectify the situation. If say a month goes by with no communication, then feedback is warrented.

- Helping You
Any emails and/or PM's that has been sent, KEEP! You never know if your deal will go bad. If it does, you have the evidence to back up your dispute.

There are ways to safeguard your transaction. Use Paypal for exchanging funds. It is quick and easy. You can also exchange in foriegn currencies.

Also, use tracking and insurance when sending items. It adds to the expense of shipping your item. But this is just extra security that one can take. Using the USPS (not UPS) could allow you for legal action against the other party.

- Other Important Info
Having a continuous history of bad feedback will not be tolerated. Abusers of the trust of those members will be banned from these boards.

Any information within the section of Sales Corner will not allow Kingman, the makers of the Spyder, to be held liable for bad trades. Use this section at your own risk.
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