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Default Re: Review of the Radarchron ROF


I received a new optional piece for the RADARChron ROF. It is a check in stand that lets you use the RADARChron ROF on a tabletop as a check in station.

The stand is made of red plastic which makes it easy to clean. The top comes off and stores the chronograph holder inside. You could, if you wanted, leave the chronograph in the holder inside the body of the check in station. There are 4 rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from sliding around.

Check in Stand Closed

Inside of the stand with the chronograph holder

The holder for the chronograph has clips in the back to hold the chrono in place and the front has a clear plastic cover to protect the face. The cover slides up letting you power on the unit. At the top of the holder is a concave padded section where the barrel sits. It is a nice touch not to mar the barrels. In the base there are few places you can put the chrono so you can figure out the best placement for your location.

Holder back

Holder Front

Holder Side in base

Gun Barrel in the Chrono Station

Over all this is a great addition to an already awesome product. The retail on it is $69.95 and if you like to keep your chrono on the ready or you have a field and want to set up a check in station, this is the way to go!
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