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Default still a no go with the NDZ valve

well, i got a 32* spring kit, in hopes that i could get my gun working correctly.

some combo's i've tried:

stock valve and stock valve pin = flawless operation.
stock valve and NDZ valve pin = flawless operation.
NDZ valve and NDZ valve pin = maching gunning or rapid firing, no velocity at all!!! the ball just rolls out of the barrel

some stuff i've tried:

polishing the sear = stopped the rapid firing only a little bit. i get maybe 5 good shots off until it starts again.

i thought having a stronger valve spring would help but still the same results occured.

any suggestions?
different spring combo?

additional info:
im using the weakest main spring in the kit. (think i should use a stronger one?) Only using the weakest spring to see how low i could get my psi. i have intentions to raise it

thx guys
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