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...sounds like you simply need to clean and lube the bolt, and add a few drops of oil in the ASA before you screw in the tank for the internals (I also use a very small amount of Shocker grease on my bolt). Also...take it apart and clean the bolt, and re-lube after EVERY day of use, and again in the field if it happens to start acting up again during the day (Its really easy to pull the bolt out and lube it in these markers).This marker is very unforgiving with failing to do this regular maintanance. Mine will play the low air trick everytime if I do not do the above, ESPECIALLY when its a bit chilly outside. Take out the bolt and do what I suggested (Just a small amount of paint on it will cause it to act up). I doubt there is anything wrong with the marker that alittle oil wont fix. Let me know how it turns out.

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