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Default Re: Q loader mounting

Originally Posted by slim and shady View Post
HEy I never seen this earlier thats a great idea and a great job! you should throw a patent on that sucker!
Thanks Slim, yeah I havn't posted this before, I just made it about a week or two ago. I like how it turned out, i might make another so it looks a little cleaner but, hey, it's doing what it's supposed to be doing as it is (once I grind and re-paint it, it'll look just fine I'm sure). Plus, I figure if someone's close enough to me to see that it ain't pretty, I must be doing something wrong

Yeah you load it up by winding it, all the balls are kept in a perfect stack in a spiral pattern. When you load a pod, it unleashes the tension and forces a ball into the breach. As soon as you fire, the tension will already have another ball waiting for you. You should check out the videos on (my small explaination doesn't really scratch the surface well), or just do some searches around this forum. You should do some research if you're interested tho, it there's nothing like it out there right now.

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