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Default Re: Trading Post Bad Seller List

this was posted by my dad (sdb999) in cakeslob's feed back thread for the service him and I got from this guy "Cakeslob", i just thought it would get a little more attention in this thread:

DO NOT buy from this guy. If anything goes wrong he will not respond to any request to make it right. We trusted him and accepted a personal check for a nice Stiffi barrel. Our bank would only accept foreign funds in person so they denied the deposit (not his fault) and mailed the check back at which point the usps lost it (not his fault). For some reason he sent a check in Canadian dollars (again not his fault since we didn't actually say "US" dollars). End result: He did not pay for this item and we have contacted him several times via PM and certified mail with NO response. If he was concerned about an outstanding check, it's a simple and free process to stop payment which we suggested as one of several options. He refused all. He could have easily settled this months ago but I guess he got something for free and has no problem screwing people. Clearly some of this was out of his direct control, but he is now taking advantage of the situation and apparently has no intention of paying for the barrel. This is a forum of people who share a passion for paintball and there should be, and usually is, a certain amount of trust between it's members. Cakeslob has betrayed that trust and should be held accountable. Ball's in your court sir.

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