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Originally Posted by FlipMz3drvr View Post
don't ya just love the carrying handle? I never seem to be fully able to get my fingers in between the handle and the gun and I really don't have big fingers either.
Its not just that is small, its really wimpy. Plus there is no use for iron sights on a paintball gun IMO, and the mad the iron sights on the thing look really lame. The overall construction of the marker is ok, but stuff on it is so out of perportion. But thats why the added all those rails i guess.

Also on a side note what kind of drop forward would i use for this marker? Atm i can only find the non standerized ones with the off set screw holes.

EDIT: im trying something crazy for a new carry handle, i shoud get it in the mail here pretty soon. I was doing some research into mods for other guns, and found out that the g36 tip X7 handle from RAP4 is mounted using only picitanny rails, is the propper length and is a little less the 2" tall so it "should fit" and it has a indented spot where the cyclone feed on a tipp is, so if placed propperly it wont interfear with the rotor hopper i have. If it fits ill post some pics of how it looks.

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