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The trigger job on the sonix is pretty easy, as long as you have a dremel to cut stuff up with. I used a 3/8" rivet, cut the head and washer off and used that for the sear stop. It fits perfectly. I did not use set screws and a die for the slack stops. I used a small section of teflon mountain bike gear housing to put inside the spring for the back slack stop, and cut a tiny piece of washer to put on top of the trigger toe for the front slack stop. If the gun will not recock itself after firing, you have too much material on top of the trigger toe for the front stop. Sand it gently. Crazy glue does not like being dremeled. It really is pretty easy. I basically followed the trigger mod in post #6 above and it works great. And I bought my gun in December of '05, so if I can do it, you can do it.

If you want to get extra fancy, use the cutting tool to kind of sand down the safety pin just enough that it goes under the trigger toe after you've added the material to the top. This will make perfect sense once you've modded the trigger in the first place. If you don't, you're safety won't work. Since I did this mod on my 10-year old son's gun, it was important to me that he have a working saftey, mostly because I don't want to get plugged accidentally at point blank range.

Hope this helps.
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