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Default Re: Calling all fathers!!! I need advice!!!

^^^I thought the minimum age was 10 yrs old - I know it is at our field, anyways.

I wouldn't let my 6 yr old play, only because I believe they are incabable of understanding certain aspects of the game - and honestly, I wouldn't trust them with common things like safety, courtesy, and I really don't think they can handle the pain as well.

It's been proven that children below a certain age aren't capable of certain things...we're talking kindergarten/1st grade here. Shoot, I've seen 4th and 5th graders not be able to follow the rules of the game very well, and some just can't handle getting shot.

Speaking as a father of two girls that I wish would play the game with me, I wouldn't put anyone under 10 on the field - what? We have to start them early now?
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