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Default Re: Favorite paint?

Originally Posted by ShadowX
i recently tryed nelson hemorrhage and now i SWEAR by it. it is the greatest paint. it is nelsons tourny grade paint, only one step below anarchy paint. so ya. well the first time i used it i payed 60 a case for it at my feild, but now pbgear sells it for 38 a case. its great stuff. just get 2 cases from pbgear and its free shipping. it truely is tourny grade though, shot great through the ion no breaks, chops, or curves.

I would agree with this, but it stains like a mother! We actually have a question into Nelson about this. We use it for practice paint (30.00 a case sponsored). It does have a thick fill that is near flourescent...

I would have to say the best I like are PMI Premium and Xball bronze (2 ends of the spectrum...)
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