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Default Re: Kingman Training Chaser

Originally Posted by DRAGON View Post
Nice unbiased review Vike -

Far as breaks go, did you check the paint to bore relationship? Could be the clip spring is new and a little tense. That could push balls through the half nubby detents to double feed. Just uneducated guesses -

A little FYI; did you get a small square of aqua microfiber in that kit? You're supposed to. There's a little loop on the end of the squeegie. The square is supposed to fit in the loop which makes cleaning the barrel better than w/o it -
Thanks! No, I actually didn't check the paint to bore relationship. (I chalk that up to years of inactivity, lol!) Good idea though. I need to do that. I also wondered about the clip spring - it was hard to push down with just my thumbnail for a few times.

Yes, I did actually get the microfiber. I used it, but neglected to put it in the review. I'll fix that now.

Originally Posted by bigred76 View Post
It definitely could be that the spring in the magazine is too stiff. I'm going to cut a rung or two off mine after seeing if compressing it for a week doesn't work.
Originally Posted by DRAGON View Post
The term cutting springs alway makes me feel uneasy. Maybe it's just that once you do it, you can't undo it. Why not just load up a mag full and leave the spring compressed for a while till it feels a bit less resilient? -
I agree, cutting springs always made me a little nervous, too. I'll just load mine and leave it that way for a while and see if that helps also.
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