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Default Re: Hard Choice, or is it so hard?

Originally Posted by Paintball Freak View Post
Why can't you believe its a question?

If the DM6 is better than the PMR, why is the DM6 cheaper? I just thought that was kind of confusing... But thanks anyway...
Just because it cheap doesn't mean its bad. Dye releases a gun every year therefore the resale drops like crazy b/c 1000's of new gun flood the used market every year. Aside from little changes in the eye design and minor differences in the bolt design the dm6 is identical to the DM9 internally. Dm9 costs alot more for smaller body, smaller lpr, new design hpr(not like old one is bad anyway), eye pipe instead of inserts and has little bolt changes. Both operate at the same pressure and the old eye inserts were better then the new POS eye pipe.

If you know how to take care and tune a gun the DM6 will be alot smoother and more consistant then the PMR, if you don't and don't want to take the time to learn get the PMR.

My old DM6 with orange bolt is by far the smoothest gun I have ever shot, it shot +/- 1 consistently, had no kick and very rarely chopped....nothing I have owned has even come close to touching it, thats out of almost 90 guns.

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