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Default Re: Dye Lock-lids (jumping bean inside)

And for all you skeptics out there, I found the pic on Dye's site before they removed it just so you'd believe me.

Edit: Found the press release on my dealer website.

San Diego, California DYE Precision Inc. today announced the giveaway of a 1 of 1 Limited Edition "Jumping Bean" DM6. It has a 1 of 1 annodizing job, guaranteed to be found on no other gun. DYE will be putting a jumping bean into a DYE Locklid™ pod and shipping it out with other, random pods. Whoever finds the jumping bean will be awarded (upon contacting DYE Precision Inc.) the LE "Jumping Bean" DM6. Please see below for contest rules and details.
lol paintball

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