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Default Re: And So The Spyder Cup Returns

Why? It's clearly stated in the rules that all gear and equipment must be Spyder/Kingman made. The very FIRST rule (both last year and this) is:

Spyder Markers Only
Every device used to propel a paintball during any Spyder Cup event must be a Spyder paintball marker and must be recognizable as such. Upgrades to the barrel, regulator, feed neck, grips, bolt, expansion chamber, and external cosmetics will be allowed as long as the marker can still be easily recognized as a Spyder marker and the basic functioning of the marker remains that of a Spyder. At no point may the Spyder name or logo on a marker be covered or removed.

Your friends should have never signed up if they were planning on using an illegal board (not Illegal illegal, just illegal for this tournament.) They were rightfully DQ'd in this case. It's not the tournaments fault for having guidelines and enforcing them - it is called the SPYDER CUP, after all. Do you advocate wiping, playing on and sandbagging as well?
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