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Default Re: MR2 SIR project

The shroud showed up Monday. ... I have a couple of pictures but I'm hesitant to show it off before it is finished. I'm still knocking around the idea of using an expansion chamber (trinity - the newer one) and making a delrin mag-well which should mount easily or using the BT fake mag well and using a reducer to air-thru the mag. If I don't use an expansion chamber I will need to use a stabilizer/reg for sure... CO2 is a drag...

EDIT: I'll post one picture... :-)

chopped barrel w/ MG barrel shroud
RedDot on QD 2" rail
Q-loader SP8 mod
ACP mr1 terminus bolt
Palmer female stab w/Lapco vertical ASA
wooden grips and stock
MR2 (w/o eyes):
8" barrel
expansion chamber
Palmer stab
Q-Loaded! SP-8 mod
ACP mr2 terminus bolt
Dboys SIR shroud

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