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Daily Driver

"Garage Queen"*project car1*...or it just sits in the garage cause the door is broke..Going to the body shop as soon as i have a day to take the door apart.

Project car 2
This one will get stripped to just a roller once the dart goes to the body shop and then go to the body shop when the dart comes back

April 21st I plan on going to pick up a 2000 grand prix with hopefully a 3.8 to drive everyday. If in June the auction i get it from has a 2001-2003 monte carlo ill go pick that up and sell the grand prix. Unless i fall in love with the grand prix but idk its a 4 door i think(auction list doesn't say so). Once I get the grand prix my truck will go under my dads insurance and sit in the drive way until one of us feel like driving it(brother doesn't drive and sister cant drive a truck)
theredbarron006: welcome back mike
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Thanks Mike. <3 TRB
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