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Default Re: "The Luxe has arrived"

Originally Posted by DRAGON View Post
Don't care how much "marker X' costs. I think more in terms of, "....will it make meh a better player?". I think in terms of, "....Imagine how many decent markers, equipment in general, paint, playtime I could get for that much?" You'll never see me with a $1000 marker because I know I don't need one to have a good time and I'm not on the field to impress others by what I'm using as some others seem to be. The most you'll be seeing me spend cash on is top quality paint. That's always @t the top of the "Things To Do" list. What's even more hideous is someone buying that type of marker and shooting white box through it because they can't afford good paint lol -
Troof, but this marker, like the SL8R, was designed for pro's. I don't need a marker anywhere near that calibre, my Cyborg's way more than enough. Hell, I own people with a damned Traccer. I wouldn't own this one, just like I wouldn't own a SL8R, simply because I don't need it.

The technology's astounding to me, personally. It's a wonderful combination of a DM's on/off function and the Ion's reliable design in my mind. I'd need to see the bolt for proof of that statement of the Ion design, but I feel safe enough saying it as the design is stable enough to support something like this.

Claus, that was editted in far before your post.
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