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Originally Posted by Varent212
How much do qloaders usually cost? and how reliable are they. they would solve some of my problems i have with how i want to mod my mr1. plus the low profile from the front is always a nice feature for any gun.
The q-loader works great..I have been using it for about 3 months now and I love it. If you get the basic doesn't cost anymore than a good auto feed hopper like a halo etc. It does take some tweaking to get it to work have to have patience with it...but once it is dialed in it is awsome. At the end of the day it puts balls in the gun just like any other hopper, what it is best at is stopping those anopying hopper shots that then spray paint all over your gun and all over your mask (I hate having to look around paint splatter on my goggles because some guy hit my hopper). I am currently making some more mods to my gun and relocating the Q..will add pics shortly.
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