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Default Re: How Much C02 Left?

Originally Posted by The Booth Man
Thats why I roll my eyes everytime I hear someone tell me to "just convert to HPA and everything will be better"

Technically... HPA will make almost everything better. Your shots will be more consistent. It is cleaner running, so your gun internals wont get eaten up by the cold, liquid CO2. You can also get more out of an HPA tank then a CO2 tank dependant on size and pressure, and you have a tank reg. Which usually has a gauge on it, telling your current pressure. That way you can always know if your low or not.

Being a woodsballer, it might be a better investment for you to get HPA for the reasons I stated, and because (speaking from experience) in cooler weather, with moisture. CO2 has a really nasty tendency to freeze. I've been in a situation where I was in the final game of the day (luckily) and was shooting fast, doing a run through in the rain and cold and my gun literally froze up. The body was covered in ice, the bolt was frozen... bonded by the O-rings to the body, and I was unable to do anything with it. I couldn't dismantle the gun until I got home and ran some warm water over the body to de-ice it.

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