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Default I really need prayer

I got fired from my job of 3 years as assistant manager at our paintball field. They called me OVER THE PHONE and fired me. Why?

Because I forgot to do 3 things. Apparently no one told my boss that I wasn't able to do things the past two times I worked because of unusual circumstances. Want to know why I got fired? I forgot to put the candy away and off the wall from the snack shack, I forgot to wipe off the pizza rack, and I forgot to put the buckets behind the counter.

In the past 3 years I've worked there, I've never done anything to make them want to fire me... but just 3 little things like that and then this? Are you ****ing kidding me? What kills me about this is that the other assistant managers **** up with the MONEY and PAPERWORK, you know, the stuff that really counts?! I get fired for forgetting to put somethings away because I was rushed to get out of there on time. Now I don't have any way to pay for anything and all this before Christmas. WONDERFUL! Take something more away from me Lord...

I know he's there... hell when I left the school after picking up Rika, it was sunny... sunny and raining at the same time. Then He brought my attention to this giant rainbow. Hopefully it's a sign that things will turn out good in the end. But right now, I've honestly thought about smoking again... Pray for me.

On top of all that... with my mom being gone for a month now, I'm still recovering. I had to withdraw from 2 of my 4 classes, take an incomplete in one and I'm trying my hardest to finish the other one.

Please pray that I can find another management job for at least what I was making previously and that I can keep going.

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