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Default Re: Which Hopper??

I am a magnet clutch snob now... I will never go back to a regular Halo, I even sold off my Halo and my Pulse.

I say Magna and if you cant afford a Magna buy a used B2 and put in the magnet clutch kit.

My primary is a Magna and backup is a B2 with clutch kit.

Now why is it so great? You can fine tune the loader to the paint you are shooting. Super brittle, or it is very cold out you can lighten up the tension etc.

I also recommend picking up a Empire anti-jam. I have them in both my loaders now and LOVE them. No more jamed balls behind the spring and balls.
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secks comes to mind everytime I look at those markers. pure freaky secks.

You have been roshamboed
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