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Default pb club presentation

ok, im about to present a packet with information about paintball specifically designed to persuade the school to allow a paintball club. i was wondering if you guys had input on what i should include in the packet.

currently i have ALL the PSP rule books, the NPPL rulebook, paintball safety information. an essay with my list of supports (currently revising). alot of pictures, local field information and rules, and a few paintball website links, really i only have and, so anymore links will help.

if you think i should include more rules (i have important sections marked... it would be a pain to read through all 100 pages that i currently have) give me a link. im located in ohio, so im not sure what else i could really use.

any ideas for the essay (my essay was too much "refer to _____(rules or sources)____" so more specifics the better)

thanx guys.
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