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Originally Posted by bigred76 View Post
Sup Chris. How's softball going?
Pretty good. We just finished our spring season, and start our fall season next week.

Originally Posted by shunut View Post
Hot damn, hows it going Chris?
Going well, how have you been?

Originally Posted by HelpDeskHustler View Post
So this is weird. Taylor (PhatPhil here) and I have lived like... ~15 miles from eachother since the early days here and stayed in contact in college (similar majors, different schools, same city) and I finally met him at a programming conference I was presenting at - cool dude.

Roommate got his LV1, so he's down at the field every weekend too.

Otherwise it's pretty boring here. Been single for awhile and working with people twice my age, living in an area with people twice my age. I might get my masters, who knows.
You shoulda stalked him. I would have.

Originally Posted by UKwithPride View Post
Lol gtfo
Originally Posted by Oscum Guy
you know you got something nice when timmyshoota likes it.
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