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Originally Posted by marvin-martian View Post
It doesn't really. Just looking to have more potential to have fun in dirt and snow honestly. And watching tons of videos online of people using their wrx to tow everyone (cops, trucks, ambulance, a semi etc) out of being stuck inspired me. It would just be cool to be better able to do that kind of thing.

The second problem is still an issue though. In the 15k price range, there are GTI's, Subies, RX8s, S2Ks etc etc that I have a feeling all got beaten up pretty hard. The best and safest I can find is a late gen Mx-5 owned by a mom
Yeah, gonna be tough to get a new AWD car in new condition for 15k. I'm a VW guy, so thats what I know, and a 2004 R32 runs $12-15k in good condition, but will have 75-100k+ miles. Another problem is that most will be heavily modded as well, which I'm always leery of, I want a car that hasn't been touched.

All that being said, here is a decent R32 with 74k on it:
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