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Default Made some changes to the pump.

I think I'm finally happy. I've just got to find a gloss black CCM .45 frame and a 2k4 back block or an ANS one. (I don't want the GXe one due to the need of a GXe bolt for the top, non-pblock pin hole)

I picked up a ANS GXe Chaos Series body for $50 off CCF and it came with the LP ANS internals. Smoothest internals I've ever used. I don't think I'll be getting rid of this body any time soon. It's also tapped for a Raceframe. I don't think I'll be doing that, but it's nice to have the option and the eye covers look cool to me. (Unique at least)


Best $50 I've spent on paintball in a long time. The 2k3 block doesn't match and the bolt pin is red, (soon to be chrome, once I trade with Timm) but I'm working on that.

As it stands here is what's on this baby:
  • Vendetta Deluxe Pump Kit
  • Shocktech Supafly Bolt (Red)
  • Shocktech Cocking Rod
  • Powerlyte Swing Frame
  • CP Shorty Regulator
  • CP On/Off w/Bleed
  • Gloss Black (New Gen) Freak Back
  • SS .684 Freak Insert
  • All American (OG) Tip
  • ANS LP Internals
  • Empire Vegas Grips

Open to suggestions on it... I'm thinking the grips are a little unmatched... but I can't find anything that appeals. If I didn't have such a bad run with Dark Seoul, I'd probably order a pair from him... but I still haven't gotten my pair of grips for the ION that I ordered like 4 months ago and he says he's sent.

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