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Default what a beast

brought home my new vs3, took the co2 filter out and lubed it with SP sleek and gave it a test. my first electric gun so i was a little weary but i set it to what i thought was 275 but ended up being 250 psi, wow was it ever fast. i got bored later on and decided to run another hopper threw, still at 250 psi and i was shooting lines of paint, freaking great itwas worth every penny

later on id like to
-change the smart parts sleek after a few cases out for the hater sauce i bought when i picked up the gun
-get a color kit, probibly yellow but maybe red
-the vs 14" barrel, is it just the tip or a whole barrel?
-new J&J 14
- maybe a fasta but the egg3 let me shoot ropes so idk
-bolt, id rather have a metal bolt to clean/lube then the stock, i dont like it or the idea, i cleaned out little pieces of bolt that got shaved off by the body lol, any suggestions?

theres also a web site or link i was on that had the co2 filter tip and it also has a tip on drilling out the front block or something, ill search later but if anybody has that link it would be great?.

anyways a great, fast gun and i would have never bought it without doing my research on this site, thanks everyone its sick
-VS3: j&j 14", egg3, cut "wings", drilled foregrip, no co2 filter, 220 psi, red body kit, red macro, 68/4500. soon: sick body, feedneck.

-MR1: trinity feedneck, mr series 16" riffled, no co2 filter, macro line, 48/3000 steely, remote coil. soon: j&j 16"-20", mr series stock.

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