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Originally Posted by Mikesgame View Post
Hi, I own a 2009 spyder Electra w/ eyes. When I hook the gun up to air/paint etc, and fire it; the bolt goes back and forth and doesn't recock. But the air is still coming out. I think one paintball comes out, but it usually any goes about 20 feet. No other paintballs fire. It's almost like that sound your gun makes when your running out of air. But my tank was full. I noticed this about a month ago. So I took my gun apart to see if I was missing any o-rings or parts. I noticed the striker buffer was missing so I went and ordered a new one. I put that in yesterday and tested my gun out, but it did the same exact thing. So I was wondering if anyone can think of a solution to my problem? Got a paintball trip planned in 2 weeks.

First of all, Welcome to the Forum.

When you put it all back together did you lubricate everything? If the o-rings are dry it could cause that problem.

Is your Electra stock? Everything after this is based on the assumption that the Electra is stock.

When you screw your tank in, do you screw it in all the way? Once the tank is on and you screw in the On/Off, do you screw that in as far as you can?

Your marker has a regulator, have you tried adjusting that? From your description, I would recommend turning up the pressure. The regulator may need to be serviced as well. Which would require you to take it apart, clean and relube everything.

For help with adjusting the pressure or taking apart the regulator to service it, use the manual for your marker, found here
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