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Default Re: Ultimate Gravity Hopper

So heres my idea of a a anti jamming gravity hopper. First i took what i do know that works well. We know that if you took a barrel filled it with pbs and put it in your feed neck it would load flawlessly. Now why is that? Well we know that there is no way for a ball to get caught on something slowed downed or jammed. So ball after ball would would seamlessly fall into place and be shot without any manipulation, however this would only last a few seconds because we would run out of balls extremely . So here is my interpretation on how you could combine this basic knowledge into a bigger loader.

By implementing 5 or 6 smooth channels for the balls to follow in the extended feedneck . This would allow for minimal jamming while maintaining gravity and weight distribution as the only power sources to this loader. Now i know this isn't a perfect idea but i think with some refinements it could be a a serious contender to the basic gravity loader. So please give me some suggestions and criticize my ideas.
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