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Default Virtue Spyder Boards

Virtue board currently available ordering info below. This board will work with all ESP/ VS Series / Rocking trigger frames. Sorry to the Primal and EM1 owners.


* Simple trigger programming with 7 color LED, never open the grips again!
* Instant on. "Bam, it's on!" Just tap the on/off button and your Spyder turns on right away. But you still have to hold the power button in for 1 second to turn it off to prevent you from accidentally shutting off your gun during play.
* 7 fully adjustable base modes, with thousands of ramp modes
* 15 BPS Ready
* Membrane switch ready. Allows you to install a membrane power and eye button on the back of your Spyder. Both buttons work. The top button will turn your
* Spyder on and off. The bottom button will turn the eyes on and off.
* 100% tournament legal (NPPL, PSP, NXL, CFOA, Millennium)
* Advanced Virtue Eye and Trigger Logic
* Adjustable debounce and mechanical bounce (AMB)
* Adjustable dwell, eye sensitivity, anti-bolt stick and more
* Adjustable Ramp Activation Speed and Ramp Percentage
* Low battery indicator and power efficient software
* Forced shot
* Installs in minutes.
* Brighter multicolor LED
* Instant on with power saving 10 minute idle auto shutoff
* Lifetime manufacturers warranty and lifetime software upgrades

Comes with red laser eyes.

For the pics or shens folks.
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