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Default Re: Renegade fields..........

We have several commercial fields around Houston, so there is never a shortage of places to go play. But we do have two outlaw fields we play at also. This started becoming necessary due to the complete lack of quality reffing and to some lack of safety standards.

One field is a public access easement for utilities. It is large wooded area that is also used for offroad motorcycles, ATV's, etc... Very nice woods and we play on a large field that is a natural bowel shaped depression. This works well for determining field limits and provides a safety burm between the field and teh staging area.

The other field is a privately owned paintball scenario field "Devil Dog Paintball". It is a larger field and has bunkers, military and civilian vehicles, and two story towers/fighting positions (more sturdy than any other field I have seen). Complete with porta-potties, picnic tables, firepit, full sized chrono, camping, CO2 fills, etc...

Both places are well above the fields level of safety and no 'tudes
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