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Default Red Dawn- Sept 18th

September 18, 2010
Red Dawn

Calumet, Colorado: September, 1984. Soviet and Cuban troops land in the football field of the local high school and quickly seize control of the area. Civilians are cut down by the dozens in a hail of indiscriminate gunfire as they dive for cover. In the confusion, a lone group of teenagers manages to escape the slaughter and flee into the mountains, scrounging what weapons they can. Now finding themselves behind enemy lines at the dawn of World War III, they begin a relentless guerilla campaign against the invaders while US troops struggle to push the Communists off American soil.

On September 18th, join Battlefront Paintball and 1st Strike Scenarios for their presentation of Red Dawn. This game will be heavily team-based with four armies. The Soviets, the Cubans, the Americans and the Wolverines. Each army will have to coordinate with its counterpart in order to mutually secure objectives and score points. The teams that do a better job of coordinating with each other will likely be the victors.

The Wolverines will start off with just a handful of players selected from the American team on game day. From there, they will have the opportunity to recruit further as the day wears on.
$25.00 pre reg or $35.00 at the door.
More game & character details at
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