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Thanks Shu. I agree with you on all accounts. I've been 3 years without having a car (though access to one) and I've haggled my way on both my bikes (though private sales). I have no problem saying "no thank you!" I probably won't be financing (not worth it anyhow). I guess the thing that surprises me is how much these damn things (cars in general) cost with such high mileage if they are < 10 years old. Even on Craigslist, cars with more mileage are for sale at ~10k. 2002's are half the price, though.

But the car has been sitting for sale for a month (27 days). I may take a look at it sometime, but it's an hour out and I don't have a car haha.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it. I decided to get a used car instead of a new car as a temporary means. I only really plan to get 3 years out of any vehicle I buy at this time and thus I'm staying under 10k. Granted, I don't want it to be a piece of crap! Of course, it is more difficult because I want to be able to tow a light trailer (at least one of my motorcycles, if not both) but am straying away from trucks.

EDIT: Actually I was reading this somewhere.. I read online that sometimes (not often) you can convince a dealer to let you take the car overnight to see how you feel about it. Maybe not. I am just always uncomfortable doing an emergency stop during a test drive with the salesperson there, hahaha.
Good times, good times.

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