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Curious to see what you all know about buying a used car from a used car dealership.

I'm currently looking for a Temp car (~3 years or so) until I get settled in with working/a job (hopefully I can get one). I am looking for towing capability (though many can, few are rated for it) as I hope to continue lugging my motorcycles around to the track. Right now I'm looking at an 07 Subaru Outback. AWD should give me the flexibility on relocation (looking at Ohio), while it's N/A so it gets slightly better fuel economy and runs on regular gas. The particular one I'm looking at is here.

Carfax seems to be (haven't paid for it) clean, though it only shows alignment, and a wheel bearing replacement plus "suggested service" at 97K. Car currently has 126K on it. They want 8900 for it (+fees probably around 10k in the end). Vehicle had a single owner who sold back to the dealer that it came from (brand new, or pretty close to it), dealer sold it on auction to a local-ish dealer.

The dealer (Impex Auto Sales) has a decent reputation with the BBB, on Google and soso with Yahoo. Just thought I'd pick your brains, maybe someone can help. I'm great with motorcycles, but when it comes to a used car, I'm really iffy on cars with this relatively high mileage.

Everywhere I've looked, they say it's an incredible deal (based on mileage, CarFax, age, etc). Any hints/tips?
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