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Default Shocktech releasing '09 SFL Cocker

The 2009 SFL

Painstakingly handmade in very small batches to insure the most stringent quality possible. A modern version of an old school classic brought back to life by Shocktech and the grand master of custom 'cockers, Danny Love.

This time carved from single billet of 6061 aircraft quality aluminum. Shaved down in weight to claim the name SFL, all the while maintaining the classic lines of the iconic design built back in 1999 and earlier.

One difference you will notice right away is the ultra low profile screw-in clamping feedneck. By switching to this style of feed we are able to lower the overall profile of the gun even more than past models.

More familiar and carried forward from prior SFL's are the p-block, shortened supa fly bolt, front block mounted vertical A.S.A., and even the original trigger pant is back. This gun also comes with our new .45 style slide frame, classic beaver tail, roller sear and rat valve.

Many of these features were ground breaking innovations 10 or more years ago. Now they are time tested, battle ready necessities.
With the back to basics game making a comeback and the rates of fire continuing to be lowered its time to return to the guns we all loved.

Quite possibly no gun ever has, or ever will shoot as straight. Certainly no gun is even close to winning more world championships in the woods than the SFL. So before you go pick up that 65 lb. 9 foot long mega death blasting, "I wanna look like a real mercenary" "Iíll scare you just by looking at my junk, woodsball gunĒ. Check out the SFL. It's not about how you look in the parking lot itís about how you play on the field.


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