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uh well I was tailgating and absinthe was brought out... i got blacked out drunk, went to the football game for awhile before my friend took me back to my dorm. I apparently left my dorm, went to another one, lost my phone, came back to my dorm and passed out in the bathroom. An RA found me, called 911, cops and paramedics came, i got a citation/court date then went on a nice ambulance ride to the hospital. I woke up at like 8, confused as hell and if i wasnt still drunk I wouldve been freaking the **** out at the time. I didnt have my phone so i couldnt call any of my friend's phones but luckily my one friend was working at advanced auto so he picked me up when he got off work.... I was having a lapse of good judgement that morning.

Luckily, someone turned my phone in but I'm going to have a number of fines and classes from the law and from my school. Just pure stupidity on my part
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