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Default Re: Official Flame Therapy

well, i've been having people hang out here about every other night for the past two weeks. i did the dishes twice, took trash out once, and the recycle boxes (full of mountain dew cans) need to go out again. i havent really been in my room since they left and have literally LIVED in the living room: slept on the uber-wide couch, ate at the coffee table, watched TV, played PS2, and had my PC hooked up in the dining room the whole time.

my bedroom is trashed though. a pile of clean laundry i folded a few days ago, piles of blankets that, until recently, were in the living room where people just crashed on the floor, the Warhammer terrain i've been working on (and all the unused stuff), and paintball gear STILL on the floor (same place its been for the past month) and my desktop cluttered with random crap i have no place for.
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