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Default Re: Wierd/Disgusting/Funny Habits that you have.

Lol Durrell I do the same thing and then sometimes when the skin doesn't want to come off my finger then I keep pulling. Then it finally comes down on that thing under your fingernail I think it's a knuckle and it burns when my hands sweats. So I put a band-aid on it and that makes it all better.

And I don't know if this falls under the category of "Weird/Disgusting/Funny habits that you have" but I sometimes put objects that aren't supposed to be on my finger and it cuts the circulation off. Once I put a girls ring on there it took like twenty minutes to get on there but I had to go to the hospital and they cut it off. They almost cut my finger off "the tip of it" but I had to buy the girl the same exact ring because she wouldn't take anything else and luckily a jewlery store in town had one.

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