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wasnt the infiniti g35 the japanese r35?

production gt-r:
looks a lot less sporty than the proto....

Originally Posted by Ace24 View Post

What I found hilarious was that, today while driving home through Ithica NY, I saw a Audi R8. I seriously didn't know they were making production models yet. It shocked the hell out of me. But what really puzzled me was why he was driving it in an area that is a mountain. It's all potholes. To get into any driveway or parking lot, there is a huge slope that he'd bottom out on... I don't get it.

I would expect to see a super car like that one the interstate doing 90+, not in a crummy, rundown town with potholes that would rip the axle right off the car.
saw one parked at the golf course a month or two ago... looks WAY better in person.
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