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Default Re: The. RIAA.

Disclaimer - this is not an argument on my behalf for or against either side...

I'm kind of torn on the issue, myself. I don't think it's a good they are doing, but I also play the old man part here. Isn't this sort of thing illegal in the first place? I mean, if it is, then couldn't the college or university, that provides the servers for on campus computers, be in trouble for harboring illegal activities?

I realize the argument for free file sharing, so let's not drag that up, but I look at this much like the illegal alien issue right now. Sure, they do a lot of good for us, but they are still illegal and until the law chnges, that's that. Wouldn't this issue be the same? As far as the college students being broke in the first place, well, that's a non issue since they (and I believe high school students) are the biggest users of torrents and those type of things. Take it a step further and say, "The Mexicans are poor so let's just let them in anyways."

I won't admit whether I have or haven't "shared" files. You never know who's watching, haha! But, in arguements such as these, I've noticed that usually the main complaints is that it interferes with an individuals so called "rights" and that it inconveniences them. So? We tend to forget that companies have rights, and that they also have the clout to do what they want...right or wrong.

As far as Congress doing something about it, they might just do that. After all, it's the special interest groups that run the country anymore and everyone knows it. If Congress sees something for themselves in there, it WILL pass.
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