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Originally Posted by DFSniper
sounds kind of like smart parts...
No the only similarity is smart parts is protecting what they own by suing, but here are the differences:

Smart Parts isn't suing the consumer.
Smart Parts isn't telling you how many times you can use your ion.
Smart parts isn't selling 3minutes of noise for the same price as a pack of gum.
Smart Parts isn't bullying congress, or IMO anybody, but if you're one of "those" people, then you might consider them bullying companies.
If you fall in the above category: Smart Parts isn't bullying students who are mid-education.

The RIAA KNOWS suing a kid in college can seriously **** up his plans for his life, and thats why they are targeting there... because now, if you "steal" (or even download a song you already bough, assuming fair use) the RIAA will kick your door down, sue you and then make sure you get kicked out so that when you do finish paying 15k for "crank that" you no longer have a college on your resume, which statistically is attributed to higher salaries and "better" jobs.
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