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Default ~~chnk who needs paintball gear sale, gats, gear mask, plenty of stuff, take a look~~

lol, i'm a gun whore

~~Gloss British Racing Green Marq 7~~

This gun shoots tits. So clean and kickless. Has scratches and wear from normal use. No feedneck color, if you have a halo b this won't be an issue.

Upgrades Include
cp reg
pillow bolt
no barrel can include silver cp for an extra $30

What I want?
$600 cash
Nice high end markers

~~Dust Blue 06 First Endeavor OG Quest~~

This is my favorite Gun. It will take alot to get this out of my hands. Scratches and ware from normal use.

Upgrades Include
Aftermarket harness
007 milled for freak inserts
cylon rail
cp mini on/off asa
black macro fittings

What I want?
Cash offer
Trades nice high ends only

~~Dust Black 07 Proto Matrix Rail~~

Aight this ain't my gun. Its my lil bros gun which he has used and loved forever. He really just looking for something new.

Upgrades Include
cp mini on/off asa
qlock feedneck
custom trigger
aluminum backcap

What i want?
minis are priority
nice midend or highend trades

~~Dust Black to dust Cobalt Fade DM7~~

This gun rapes. The feedneck collar is missing the locking arms but if you got a halo b its not an issue. Normal scratches and wear from normal use.

Upgrades include
New Designs On/off asa

What I want?
High end Trades
ego 7s

~~Dust Black 08 Proto SLG~~

This gun is good condition and has normal wear and scratches from use. One of the eye cover screws are stripped so i'm going to let this go for cheap

Upgrades include
custom trigger
low rise CCM feedneck
new detent

What I want?

~~Dust Black 07 Proto Matrix Rail~~

Aight, this is my back up. Has never let me down but its time for something new. Normal scratches and wear from normal use.

Upgrades include

Custom trigger
aluminum backcap
qlock feedneck

What I want?

Minis and Quest take priority
other midend or high end trades

~~Dust Red 08 Proto SLG~~

Eh won this in a tourney. got some use but not much. Scratches and wear from normal use.

Upgrades include

dm6 feedneck
dm6 detents

What I want?

Midend or highend trades

~~Custom Products 48/4500 peanut tank~~

My favorite tank. threads are in ok condition. no scratches allways been in a cover. This tank is clean. Hydro is 03/07

What I want?
45/45 crossy(newer style) plus cash
other 45/45s nothing bigger

~~Black 07 freak barrel~~

Cocker threaded. Newer 07 styling. includes .687 insert. 14 inches long

What I want

Keep Scrolling Down more gear to look at

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