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Default Re: DRAGON's Virtue Experience........

Originally Posted by DRAGON
For some reason when I was testing it w/o the internals, I'd stick my finger in front of the eyes and when I'd shoot it would only do about 5bps with the eyes turned on. I suppose I'll have to change the default settings.
That's perfectly normal. When the balls are moving past the eyes as you shoot, the eyes are reading it as everything being A-OK. When you just stick your finger in front of the eye, it's not reading movement, so it defaults to a slower rate of fire. It happens with my Virtue in my Shocker and all the other boards I have as well.

Sounds pretty cool! I've been a fan of Virtue for awhile (I care less about their "PBN scam/business practices," in fact, I laugh because a bunch of scammers got scammed, but that's another story for another day!)
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