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Default Re: The CEF wants YOU for 2012

Do you like to sling paint? Do you like the thrill of facing nearly overwhelming odds? Do you enjoy CQB (Close Quarters Battle)? Would you like to be a part of the largest international paintball scenario team in the world?

Then come join the CEF on our 10th anniversary at OK D-Day, as we rid the country of the Germans. The CEF is looking for troops, that aren’t afraid of a little paint in the face. The British 3rd Infantry Division, with support from the 13th/18th Royal Hussar tanks and the Royal Air Force fighters, will assault Sword Beach from their landing craft, then go on to liberate the city of Caen. Meanwhile, the British 6th AB will be in a desperate fight to secure Pegasus Bridge.

We have openings in all eight of the CEF units and you’ll be playing beside some of the best scenario paintball players from around the world. At this writing, we’ll have players from 13 countries. This is an experience of a lifetime and the CEF would like to help you enjoy it to the fullest.

We can help make this trip more affordable, by offering convoy transportation (Shared Cost), our own dining facility (DFAC-Group Meals), rental paintball equipment and lodging in our steel shipping containers (Includes lights, electricity, AC and a bunk). We have our own parking lot and camp security and the bathhouse is just across the street.

If you wish to join the CEF and you can play a marching band instrument, please contact Sir Raymond at, for a special OK D-Day attendance promotion.

All CEF uniform and clothing items are now taking preorders, so avoid the rush and get yours in now. Check us out at Commonwealth - Home and take a look in the PX section.


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