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Default HELP!! spyder electra bolt question

so i got the syder used with no bolt i went on and got the TechT Spyder HUSH Bolt but the part 173, 22, 1717a, 1717b, 1717c ar missing were can i get these parts like now...


Kingman Spyder 09' Electra w/ Eyes
TechT Spyder Hush Bolt System - Electra/Pilot
Trinity Spyder Spring Kit
Shocktech Spyder Shim Kit
Sly Equipment Dual Carbon Pro Merc Red 14 Barrel Wrap
09 Empire Event ZN Goggle Thermal
Empire Contact TZ Paintball Jersey
Empire / Pure Energy Carbon Fiber Tank - 48/4500 - HPA
Empire Prophecy V2.0 Black Red Electronic Hopper Loader
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