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Arrow Re: smart part max flo & MR3 help

Originally Posted by hoodtrix View Post
let me restate my last post, i called the shop where my bro bought the tank. it is hp i just need to do a micro line set up on my gun
Let me just say:

1) Most all Maxi's were LP. Unless this shop just happened to find a rarity the only way you'll know for sure is testing the output or if your MR3 jackhammers continually you'll know for sure -

2) Since the Maxi already has a macroline(not micro) fitting, all you'll need is a dovetial mount or drop forward for the bottom of the trigger frame(MR3 has inline mounting holes) for the Maxi and a straight Spyder metric threaded macroline fitting to screw into the vertical hose adapter that's screwed into the VA ASA inside the plastic handle. And of course, some macroline(not micro) Though a little more drop than you might like, here's a drop made specifically for the Max-Flo for $10 -

You can prolly get the metric macro fitting by calling Kingman and ordering it. I doubt you will find it elsewhere. If you scroll down here about 3/4 of the way, there are other suggestions of ways to attach lines to the VA ASA as well -
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