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Default dont kno what this piece is or ware it goes

ok i was oiling my un and theres this thing that idunno if it goes before the main sping in the bottum part or if it goes after the spring it looks like a black big thing that just fits in the hole thingy ware u put it and its rond and about 10 millamters thing each way i thing i lost it or its clear and the end of that hole thing but i cant tell but does it go before the spring or after the spring and well no my gun aint working it shot like 10 time for like 10 yards and then it quit working all to gether it will shot but u have to pull back the cocking bolt thing every time kinda like its out of co2 and thats what i use i dont use hpa but i want a hpa tank but my mom wont buy off the internet and theres no store that sells em here ware i live
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